Cool it with our great range of conservatory shades

Reiver High Performance Conservatory pleated Blinds

“Feeling the heat ? You will in an un-shaded conservatory!
Solar gain? You probably never understood the term until you got a conservatory or a room with a south facing window. Kinda hot isn't it?”
What you need is a high performance blind.
The special coating allows just the right amount of light through, so the room isn't plunged into darkness as with a blackout fabric. But more importantly, the pearlised coating reflects more light than a normal fabric, bouncing some of the light and hence the heat energy it carries, back out the window.

The sides of your conservatory can be shaded with other types of product in our range. Please consider the woodweaves, verticals or rollers for the sides.

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100's off fabrics to choose from and many control options.