A passion for verticals?..Beautiful designer fabrics & weaves, over 150 to choose from

Reiver Vertical Blinds

“Smart vertical lines look just the ticket in most windows.
Choose from over 150 types of louvre. We have special weaves, subtle patterns, special coatings to resist dirt and stains, blackouts and pearlised backed fabrics that reduce solar gain by bouncing light back out the glass! We offer all our range in the slim 89mm width and some designs in 127mm wide too.”

“Look out for our Ecotex coated fabrics. Ecotex fabrics shed dirt and stains and are ideal for kitchens etc. Designed to be easily sponged down, these fabrics are similar in principle to the Scotchguard system but are a little more advanced, as Scotchguard is just a coating applied after the fabric is made whereas Ecotex is applied to the yarn before the fabric is created - Simply brilliant!”